Redeem Gift Cards

Hi, there are two ways to redeem your gift cards.

Gift Cards from Support Local NWA website

If you bought your card through the Support NWA website, please email me. You can choose any of the items I have listed at my Etsy shop, the Wild Ozark shop. I don’t have all of my original paintings listed yet, but if you’d like a catalog of what’s on hand, let me know.

Your gift cards can be applied toward anything you purchase. Once you let me know what you want, I will send you an invoice for the amount, minus the gift card credit, payable by PayPal or personal check. Checks must clear before the items are shipped.

Gift Cards from Wild Ozark’s shop

If you purchased your card from my shop over at the Wild Ozark website, you’ll have a code to enter when checking out over there. If there is something you want and it’s not listed in the shop (maybe it’s at Etsy or you’ve seen it here at the Paleo Paints gallery pages), just email me and let me know. I can also send you and invoice with a credit for the amount of your gift card. If what you want is listed at the Wild Ozark shop, it’s simple: just enter your coupon code during checkout in the space provided.

Thank you for choosing to support this artist, especially during this difficult period of self-distancing. It’s crucial for my business that I get out in person to introduce the public to my unique artwork. Without being able to do that, sales are few and far between, and I appreciate your purchase of gift cards to use toward my products.

Don’t Have One Yet?

You can get one from my shop right here:

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