About the Paleo Paints – Paint made from rocks

This is a menu page for the various topics on this site and at the main site (Wild Ozark) about Wild Ozark Paleo Paints, paints made from rocks, clay, and other natural sources.

What Are Paleo Paints?

Ozark Birds of Prey

How To Make Paints from Earth Pigments

Workshops on paint-making

Colors I’ve Made and Experiments I’ve Done

Paintings I’ve Made with my Paleo Paints

About Madison Woods

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (madison@wildozark.com). Your question might be something that would make a good blog post topic 🙂 If you are a paint-maker and would like to be interviewed and featured here, email me about that too!

Wild Ozark is the home of Paleo Paints- paints made from rocks, clay, and other natural sources.

Madison Woods is an author, artist, and Paleo Paint maker living
with her husband in northwest Arkansas far off the beaten path. She uses paint made from rocks, and mostly Ozark pigments to create her paintings.

Contact Info:
Email: Madison@wildozark.com
Instagram: @wildozark
Facebook: @wildozark

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