The Great Crash of

So, you should know that I know just enough to be dangerous with the tech stuff.

Somehow, I’ve crashed I’m working to bring it back up, but time is really short right now with War Eagle preparations and I may not have time to dedicate to get it back until after all the festivals are done. We have another one in November.

Just in case you’re wondering if it’ll ever be back online again, well… all I can say is I hope so!

This is a new website. There’s only this one post so far.

That’s all there will be for a while. Except for a few pages I really need to be posted soon, I won’t have time to work on it or add more until after festival season is done (mid-November). is the future of Wild Ozark, anyway, so I figured I’d just get started on a new website with the new focus. Whenever I can get the old site back up, I’ll let you know!

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