Collection No. 4 of the Soul of the Ozarks series of Wild Ozark Paleo Paints

“Soul of the Ozarks” Collection No. 4 – Wild Ozark Paleo Paints

Introducing the latest collection in my Soul of the Ozark series of handmade watercolors: Collection No. 4 … SOLD OUT.

The paint colors in my Soul of the Ozarks Collection No. 4

Whole Purple Sandstone (textured)

All of the ‘purple’ colors I’m making are sourced from a single large rock that I found on our county road after the grader passed over it with his blades. It cracked open the rock to reveal an incredible purplish color. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate so directly to paint. The paint is more of a brown, with some purplish undertones. The whole purple sandstone paint has a bit of texture. These grits can be dusted off of the dried painting if you like. The color will remain behind.

Whole Purple Gouache (textured)

When I create a paint from a pigment-rich ochre, it leaves a lot of color on the plate once I’m finished scraping it off to put in pans. To avoid wasting the color I like to add some pure powdered limestone to the plate. It creates a lighter version of the same color, with more opacity and a different effect to the paint.

Whole Yellow Sandstone (textured)

This one also has texture. All of the ‘whole’ stone colors do. The yellow sandstone is an incredibly rich color that can achieve some depth of color if you layer the paint or apply with less water on the brush. The yellow sandstone yields a clean yellow color. It’s one of my favorites!

Whole Yellow Gouache (textured)

This paint is also made from the leftover color on my plate after making the Whole Yellow paint. It gives a very nice antique, not quite white but aged white with a hint of light yellow. You can use the gouaches to build layers to give a third dimension to your works.

Late Summer (smooth, sheer)

This is a light-fast plant pigment made from the red leaves in autumn of the black gum tree. It’s a tree native to the Ozarks and is one of the two sources of plant colors that I’ve found to be light fast. It doesn’t have texture to it and can be used to create a sheer yellow-tan. It does slightly darken with exposure to sunlight.

Allyssa Brown (very textured)

The rock that makes this paint isn’t very common here. Most of the sandstones have a lot of red to them, but this one has less than the others, although the paint still has some reddish-orange tones.

Where to Buy

Not available online. There’s one set left and I’ll have it with me at the markets on Saturday. It can’t be shipped because the ‘Late Summer’ color is soft-set and creeps out of the pan when left tilted (as it probably would be when tossed into a mail truck).

Cost: 6 colors, Gift packaged tin for $55  discounted to $35 SOLD OUT

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