About Madison Woods


Hi, I’m Madison Woods. My husband and I live in northwest Arkansas far off the paved highways, a perfect environment for a nature artist.

There are many fabulous painters in this region.  However, as far as I know, none of them are using the local pigments in their work. Before I start a painting, I collect the pigments I’ll need to produce the painting. If I’m working on series, then I’ll collect and create enough paint for the entire series before I get started.

My work features Ozark colors.

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Becoming a Painter

My life as a watercolorist began in the summer of 2018. Before that I used colored pencils for drawings. I’m self-taught in all aspects of art. As for the paintings, I’ve only ever used my own watercolors, so I have no idea how they ‘work’ as compared to store-bought varieties. For all I know, I wouldn’t be able to make a worthwhile effort with those at all.

While I enjoy painting anything of nature, I am most passionate about painting the birds of prey. It is with this subject that I intend to focus the rest of my career, though I may diverge from time to time to make special requests for commissions, or my grand-girls who are not so fond of the birds and prefer things like foxes and crows.

Timeline: Paintings, Career Benchmarks, Awards and Accomplishments

  • 2018 July – began making paint, began painting
    • July – completed Kestrel No. 1, Kestrel No. 2
    • August- completed Kestrel No. 3
    • Sept- Pelican No. 1, Crow No. 1
    • Oct- Fox No. 1
    • Dec- Twisted Tree No. 1
  • 2019 Jan- Goshawk No. 1, Goshawk No. 2 “Rhapsody”



The artist statement tells a lot about Madison Woods. Who she is, and what drives her work.