About Madison Woods


Hi, I’m Madison Woods. My husband and I live in northwest Arkansas far off the paved highways, a perfect environment for a nature artist.

Ozark pigments

There are many fabulous painters in this region.  However, as far as I know, none of them are using the local pigments in their work.

Before I start a painting, I collect the pigments I’ll need to produce the painting. If I’m working on series, then I’ll collect and create enough paint for the entire series before I get started.

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Becoming a Painter

My life as a watercolorist began in the summer of 2018. Before that I used colored pencils for drawings. I’m self-taught in all aspects of art. As for the paintings, I’ve only ever used my own watercolors, so I have no idea how they ‘work’ as compared to store-bought varieties. For all I know, I wouldn’t be able to make a worthwhile effort with those at all.

While I enjoy painting anything of nature, I am most passionate about painting the birds of prey. It is with this subject that I intend to focus the rest of my career, though I may diverge from time to time to make special requests for commissions, or my grand-girls who are not so fond of the birds and prefer things like foxes and crows.

Timeline: Paintings, Career Benchmarks, Awards and Accomplishments

  • 2018 July – began making paint, began painting
    • July – completed Kestrel No. 1, Kestrel No. 2
    • August- completed Kestrel No. 3
    • Sept- Pelican No. 1, Crow No. 1
    • Oct- Fox No. 1
    • Dec- Twisted Tree No. 1
  • 2019 Jan- Goshawk No. 1, Goshawk No. 2 “Rhapsody”

See my gallery pages to view the most recent paintings.


Madison Woods is an author, artist, and Paleo Paint maker living
with her husband in northwest Arkansas far off the beaten path. She uses paint made from rocks, and mostly Ozark pigments to create her paintings.

Contact Info:
Email: Madison@wildozark.com
Instagram: @wildozark
Facebook: @wildozark