Earth Tone Paintings by Madison Woods

Hi! I’m Madison Woods of Wild Ozark, and you’ve landed on my studio page. I hope you enjoy these earth tone paintings. Browse around and make yourself at home! Just email me if you have any questions ( Or comment on a page.

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About my Work

Handmade Watercolors, Foraged Earth Pigments

All of my work begins with foraging for pigments and making the paint. I prefer to use local pigments but collect the ‘colors of a place’ anywhere I go. If I use something other than Ozark pigments, it is noted in the captions.

What’s on the Easel

This is a terrible picture of it, but soon I’ll get the real camera and easel out. it’s finished!

Gallery of Paintings, earth tones from the Ozarks

2019 Gallery

You’ll find all of my work features earth tone colors. I use mostly pigments found right here at Wild Ozark. Most of them came from around the creek sides or along the driveway. Our property is 160 acres deep in the heart of the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas. We have a surprisingly large range of natural pigments!

If you see any paintings here you like, just email me about them if there is no link to a listing or you’d rather skip the hassle of trying to find out whether it’s for sale or not. I can have prints made of any of them. Not all of the originals are available. My email address is

The three latest works added to the portfolio:

Details and more paintings in the 2019 Gallery. Click the button below to see them.

2018 Gallery

I began making my paints at the end of June 2018. In July, while visiting my husband in Doha, Qatar, I painted my first painting– not only the first one using handmade paints from local pigments, but the first painting ever.


Prints, note cards, and other formats for my art will eventually be available online through Wild Ozark’s online shop. You can also find my work at Kingston Square Arts in Kingston, Arkansas and at War Eagle Gallery, at the War Eagle Mill in Clifty, Arkansas.

Framed Originals

My default frame choice is old barnwood frames with a double mat. If you order a framed original, this is what I’ll use unless you specify a different sort of frame (additional charges may apply).

Most of the art is sold unframed and ships flat. I never send them rolled in tubes unless you request it and only if it’s a print. Originals cannot be rolled.

If a work is being offered framed, it will say so in the description, and photos will show the framing, as these do below.

"Little Rascal". Original for sale at War Eagle Mill. $250
“Little Rascal”. Original for sale at War Eagle Mill. $250. All Ozark pigments. Framed, with raw pigment samples.
"Old Man". $375, framed, with raw pigment samples. email: for more information.
“Old Man”. $375, framed, with raw pigment samples. At Kingston Square Arts gallery, in Kingston, Arkansas.

How to Purchase

Wild Ozark

In Galleries:
Kingston Square Arts (Kingston, Arkansas)
War Eagle Mill (second floor, Clifty/Rogers, Arkansas)

Madison Woods is an author, artist, and Paleo Paint maker living
with her husband in northwest Arkansas far off the beaten path. She uses Ozark pigments to create her paintings.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @wildozark
Facebook: @wildozark

About the Paleo Paints – Paint made from rocks

This is a menu page for the various topics on this site and at the main site (Wild Ozark) about Wild Ozark Paleo Paints, paints made from rocks, clay, and other natural sources.

What Are Paleo Paints?

Ozark Birds of Prey

How To Make Paints from Earth Pigments

Workshops on paint-making

Colors I’ve Made and Experiments I’ve Done

Paintings I’ve Made with my Paleo Paints

About Madison Woods

If you have any questions, feel free to email me ( Your question might be something that would make a good blog post topic 🙂 If you are a paint-maker and would like to be interviewed and featured here, email me about that too!

Wild Ozark is the home of Paleo Paints- paints made from rocks, clay, and other natural sources.

Madison Woods is an author, artist, and Paleo Paint maker living
with her husband in northwest Arkansas far off the beaten path. She uses paint made from rocks, and mostly Ozark pigments to create her paintings.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @wildozark
Facebook: @wildozark

Contact Me

If you’d like to get in touch to ask questions, here’s where you can find me:

phone: (479) 665-2463 (connectivity is often bad) cell: (479) 409-3429 (no signal most of the time. iMessages do reach me quickly.)

Best method:



All in all, I’m pretty easy to find anywhere on the internet if you search for ‘Wild Ozark’.


This is where I’ll post about my various pigment experiments, finished colors, and sets for sale.

Bone Black

I made bone black, from a cow vertebra that I charred inside a small tin inside the wood stove. Previously I’d used charred wood from hickory and oak. It has been a difficult paint to re-wet and it never reached the depth of black I wanted. It was also grainier than I liked. The charred …

What are Paleo Paints?

The Paleo Paints My husband once said my handmade paints reminded him of how the cave men made their paints for the cave drawings. And he was right! And so we called them Paleo Paints. I make them by crushing rocks, clay, charred wood, and extract certain leaves to create pigments which are then added …